Custom Supplement Protocols As Unique As You Are

Professional Grade, Clinically Proven, and Health Canada approved supplement protocols based on your bloodwork and recommendations from our elite team of Naturopathic Doctors. Shipped to your door every month.

After your online assessment, we will ship you your blood kit and schedule your Naturopathic Doctor review ($599 value for only $89).

After the results are received and analyzed, we will curate your bespoke supplement protocol (starting from as little as $6 per day).

"Since switching to Santé for our supplements, my family and I know that we have everything we need for our wellness - not to mention the packs make it so easy to know what to take and when."
Audrey, California

Why Us?

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Premium health and wellness solutions with exceptional concierge service.

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Access to professional grade, clinically proven, Health Canada approved and Naturopathic supported supplements.

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Online assessment and blood work panel reviewed by our elite team of Naturopathic Doctors.

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Personal Sachets

Beautiful to display, convenient to take and easy to travel with.

How does it work?

The online assessments are only as good as the honesty within which they are completed. People generally underestimate the amount of alcohol and other substances they consume and overestimate the amount of exercise they do. It’s all good …. we’ve all done it. No judgement.

As a commitment towards your health journey, a USD $89 investment is required to order your blood kit and schedule your Naturopathic Doctor review.  As an additional incentive, we will apply the equivalent dollar amount towards your first supplement protocol. 

But that is why we require a blood work panel to be completed with every online assessment. You can’t lie on your blood work (unless you get someone else to send in their blood instead of yours …. in that case you are just cheating yourself from a truly bespoke solution).

To make it is easy, we have partnered with one of the leading at-home blood work test kit companies in the US.  We will automatically deliver the blood test kit to your house.  The easy-to-follow online video shows you how to collect the blood samples and return the package to the lab.

Once the blood work results are complete, the Naturopathic doctor will review your online assessment and blood work results to recommend your unique bespoke supplement protocol.

Part of this process includes assessing whether the recommended supplement protocol has any adverse interactions with medications that you may be taking. If necessary, the protocol will be adjusted accordingly.

The protocol will then be sent to our operations team to create your individual package. This team uses a pharmaceutical grade dispensing machine (which we affectionately call Rosie – after the maid from the Jetsons) to collect, label and fill your individual sachets. These sachets are then placed in beautiful and purposefully designed boxes and delivered directly to you.

Your supplement protocol includes 30 days of supplements (morning and evening routines) starting from as little as $6 per day. You will be shipped your monthly protocols just before the beginning of the next supplement cycle.

Let there be no mistake, this is a wellness journey, and our Santé Concierge Team will be there to follow-up, nudge you and support you. And with your permission, send messages to your partner to encourage you =0).

Within six months we will retest your blood work and pivot the supplement protocol accordingly. Only the Universe knows that the supplements we need today are not the supplements we needed 5 years ago nor the ones we will need 5 years from now. So, it’s important to continually evaluate your current situation and pivot as necessary.

How do we compare?

Our Criteria
Santé Bespoke
Do it Yourself
Other Solutions
Uses an assessment to understand your needs.
Use your blood work panel to establish a baseline and reassess your progress.
Working with an elite team of Naturopathic doctors and nutritionists.
Professional grade and Health Canada approved supplements.
Medicinal, allergic and supplement Interaction Testing