Santé Sage Kit

For thousands of years, cultures around the world have used a variety of tools to cleanse energy and promote physical healing. Sage, incense, and Tibetan bells are some of the most common tools used for cleansing and healing purposes. They can be used either individually or in combination.

Santé Sage Kit

Santé Sage Kit


$120 usd plus shipping

What’s included in the box

1. Intention Cards
2. Sage and Eagle’s feather
3. Incense and wooden incense tray
4. Tibetan bell

What's inside

We know that thoughts have power. So, it is important that, whenever you are cleansing your space, you have clear and positive intentions.

A Daily Intentions Box is included to assist you in setting your intentions.

Open all doors and windows to allow the energy to flow. Place the sage in the abalone shell and light the sage until orange embers appear. Using the eagle feather, walk around your space, feathering the smoke from the sage while reciting your intentions. Once complete, extinguish the sage and store in a safe place.

Light incense and walk around your space reciting your intentions. Once complete, place incense in the wooden incense tray to allow it to finish burning.

Sound vibrations are a great way to move energy. Ring the bell as you walk around your space reciting your intentions.

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