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Wellness Defined:

Ask a hundred people what wellness means to them, and you’ll get a hundred answers.

For us, wellness is a fine balance of the following:

Santé Health About Us

At Santé we focus on bespoke nutrition through supplements. To feel good on the outside, you need to feel great from the inside first.

WHAT IS SANTÉ bespoke?

Santé – noun / sãte/

• To be in good health

bespoke – adjective / bə spōk/

• Made for a particular customer or use

Santé was born from a desire to provide customized, premium health and wellness solutions with exceptional service. No two individuals are alike, so why should your health and wellness journey be?

Santé provides clinically proven supplements, rooted in science, and tailored to your unique needs. Delivered in convenient, daily sachets packaged in beautifully designed boxes – to fit your lifestyle and help you achieve your ultimate wellness goals.

If you are looking to make better health and wellness decisions for you and your family, Santé is for you!

Santé Health About Us
Santé Health About Us
World class manufacturers
Santé Health About Us
professional grade supplements
Santé Health About Us

clinically proven

Santé Health About Us
Health Canada approved
Santé Health About Us
Naturopathic doctor recommended
Santé Health About Us
Santé Health About Us
convenient to take
Santé Health About Us
Customized to your needs
Santé Health About Us
beautifully and purposefully designed boxes
Santé Health About Us

Why we do what we do

Short story:

Through our unique concierge wellness service solution, we provide access to professional grade, clinically proven, Health Canada approved, and Naturopathic supported supplements in convenient daily custom sachets.
Long story:

Have you ever bought a luxury item and experienced exceptional service only to have no follow-through? It’s like they only cared about the sale and nothing more. This is one of our biggest pet-peeves! As a result, we created Santé Concierge: a team of experienced and dedicated professionals, here to help guide and navigate you along your wellness journey.

Not every car is made the same, not every purse is made the same and certainly not every vitamin or supplement is made the same. This results in a wide range of products, with varying qualities and price ranges, being distributed into the market.

At Santé we’ve taken the guess work out of choosing the best supplements to suit your specific health needs, by researching and partnering with the best supplements manufacturers. We’re committed to providing only professional grade, clinically proven, Health Canada endorsed, and Naturopathic Doctor recommended supplements. You won’t find our professional grade supplements in grocery stores, health stores, or pharmacies, but only in medical clinics supported by Naturopathic doctors, qualified to recommend and dispense our unique range of professional grade supplements.

The supplement market (otherwise known as the Nutraceutical market) varies by country.

Countries, like Canada, have a highly regulated supplement industry that require manufacturing processes, labeling and product claims to follow strict guidelines. In fact, supplements cannot be distributed in Canada without the approval of Health Canada.

That’s why at Santé we only provide professional grade, clinically proven, Health Canada approved and Naturopathic Doctor recommended supplements.

The lack of a federally regulated Nutraceutical market in the US has resulted in a lack of trust in the products being distributed.

That’s why at Santé we only provide professional grade, clinically proven, Health Canada approved and Naturopathic Doctor recommended supplements.

If you are taking medications, do you know whether the supplements you are taking have an adverse interaction with the medications?

Before we recommend any bespoke supplement protocol, our proprietary process will check to see if any of the supplements being recommended interact with the medications you may be on. If there is an interaction, our Naturopathic Doctors will be alerted, and the supplement protocol will be adjusted as needed.

You can rest assured that your health and wellness are our top priority for our team.

How many bottles of vitamins do you have at home? Off hand, do you know the dosage of each vitamin? Do you know whether you can take a particular vitamin with a prescription? Do you know whether to take them in the morning or evening? Do you cringe when having to travel and trying to put your supplements into small plastic bags? Do you even care anymore?

At Santé, our Naturopathic Doctors provide your bespoke supplement protocol in convenient daily custom sachets. These sachets arrive in elegant morning and evening designed boxes. Beautiful to display, convenient to take and easy to travel with.


We have a bunch of really talented people on our team – too many to post here (all with extensive bios), but here’s some insight into what makes up the Santé team:

A couple of serial entrepreneurs, two scientists, a bunch of naturopathic doctors and certified holistic nutritionists, regulatory gurus to make sure we are compliant and playing nice, several financial people to manage the gold reserves, some pharmacists to make sure we dispense only the best stuff, IT staff to make sure everything digital is working (and that is pretty much anything and everything nowadays), marketing people to make sure we get the message out and a unicorn to bring it all together.

At the end of the day, we are all committed to Experiencing the Better Side of Wellness with you.


Your health is personal, and so your supplement routine should be too. Santé’s proprietary process uses Naturopathic Doctor recommended supplements to create your unique supplement protocol. For you, and only you.