Custom Supplement Protocols As Unique As You Are

Professional Grade, Clinically Proven, and Health Canada approved supplement protocols based on your bloodwork and recommendations from our elite team of Naturopathic Doctors. Shipped to your door every month.

After your online assessment, we will ship you your blood kit and schedule your Naturopathic Doctor review ($599 value for only $89).

After the results are received and analyzed, we will curate your bespoke supplement protocol (starting from as little as $6 per day).
"Since switching to Santé for our supplements, my family and I know that we have everything we need for our wellness - not to mention the packs make it so easy to know what to take and when."
Audrey, California

Why Us?

Santé Health Bespoke Solution


Premium health and wellness solutions with exceptional concierge service.

Sante Health Immune Collection


Access to professional grade, clinically proven, Health Canada approved and Naturopathic supported supplements.

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Online assessment and blood work panel reviewed by our elite team of Naturopathic Doctors.

Santé Health Women’s Collection​

Personal Sachets

Beautiful to display, convenient to take and easy to travel with.

How Does It Work?

STEP 1 – Online Assessment

STEP 2 – Bloodwork

STEP 3 – Naturopathic Doctor Review

STEP 4 – Supplement Protocol​

STEP 5 – Wellness Journey and 6-month Review

For USD $89 (value of USD $599) you receive a detailed online assessment, blood-work results and Naturopathic Review.

Online Assessment

The online assessments are only as good as the honesty within which they are completed. People generally underestimate the amount of alcohol and other substances they consume and overestimate the amount of exercise they do. It’s all good …. we’ve all done it. No judgement.


  • Simple 10-minute survey
  • Comprehensive personal assessment
  • Private and confidential
  • Provides crucial information to the Naturopathic Doctors on your lifestyle preferences and needs


But that is why we require a blood work panel to be completed with every online assessment. You can’t lie on your blood work.

To make it is easy, we have partnered with one of the leading at-home blood work test kit companies in the US. We will automatically deliver the blood test kit to your house. The easy-to-follow online video shows you how to collect the blood samples and return the package to the lab.


  • Simple and painless at-home blood collection system
  • Convenient prepaid return packaging
  • Tracks vital biomarkers such as metabolism, heart, kidneys, liver and more
  • Secure online results available 2-3 days after lab receives the test

Naturopathic Doctor Review

Once the blood work results are complete, the Naturopathic Doctor will review your online assessment and blood work results to recommend your unique bespoke supplement protocol.

Part of this process includes assessing whether the recommended supplement protocol has any adverse interactions with medications / supplements that you may be taking or allergies that you maybe encountering. If necessary, the protocol will be adjusted accordingly.


  • Results assessed and recommendations made by Naturopathic Doctors and Nutritionists
  • Only Health Canada approved, clinically proven and Naturopathic Doctor recommended supplements used
  • Truly bespoke supplement protocol
  • Drug, supplement and allergy interaction testing
For as little as USD $6 per day (the equivalent of a specialty coffee) you receive your unique supplement protocol.

Supplement Protocol

Using our pharmaceutical grade dispensing machine and protocols, we collect, label and fill your individual sachets. These sachets are then placed in beautiful and purposefully designed boxes and delivered directly to you.

Your supplement protocol includes 30 days of supplements (morning and evening routines) starting from as little as $6 per day. You will be shipped your monthly protocols just before the beginning of the next supplement cycle.


  • Pharmaceutical grade dispensing machine and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Daily sachets for consistency and ease of use

Wellness Journey And 6-Month Review

Let there be no mistake, this is a wellness journey, and our Santé Concierge Team will be there to follow-up, nudge you and support you. And with your permission, send messages to your partner to encourage you =0).

Within six months we will retest your blood work and pivot the supplement protocol accordingly. Only the Universe knows that the supplements we need today are not the supplements we needed 5 years ago nor the ones we will need 5 years from now. So, it’s important to continually evaluate your current situation and pivot as necessary.


  • Access to our Elite Team of professionals through our Santé Concierge Team
  • Continual involvement in your wellness journey

How Do We Compare?

Our Criteria
Santé Bespoke
Do it Yourself
Other Solutions
Uses an assessment to understand your needs.
Use your blood work panel to establish a baseline and reassess your progress.
Working with an elite team of Naturopathic doctors and nutritionists.
Professional grade and Health Canada approved supplements.
Medicinal, allergic and supplement Interaction Testing
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"There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to supplements"

Custom wellness solution tailored to your unique needs.


We only provide professional grade, clinically proven, Health Canada approved, and Naturopathic Doctor recommended supplements. Each of our supplements has a Natural Product Number (NPN) issued by Health Canada. You will not find our professional grade supplements in grocery stores, supplement stores, or even pharmacies. You will only find them at medical clinics supported by naturopathic doctors. In fact, our professional grade supplements cannot be dispensed without the recommendation of naturopathic doctors. Whereas, regular products are not professional grade and may not be clinically proven or recommended by a Naturopathic Doctor.

Very well. Thank you. The Santé Health Collection Supplement Protocols are specifically designed by the recommendations of Naturopathic doctors, Certified Holistic Nutritionists and Scientists on our team. We’ve taken months to research and ensure that each Santé Health Collection Supplement Protocols contain the best combination of supplements for particular health goals.

We’ll do you one better, the supplements are Health Canada approved. Why is that better you ask, well because countries, like Canada, have a highly regulated supplement industry that requires manufacturing processes, labeling and product claims to follow strict guidelines. In fact, supplements cannot be distributed in Canada without the approval of Health Canada. Unfortunately, in other countries like the US, the supplement industry is self-regulated and not governed by any federal agency. This means there are no guidelines for manufacturing processes, labeling or products claims. This has resulted in an even wider range of unsupported and non-verifiable claimed products being sold into the US market.

That’s why at Santé we only provide professional grade, clinically proven, Health Canada approved and Naturopathic Doctor recommended supplements.

Our team of Naturopathic Doctors and Certified Holistic Nutritionists will review your blood work in order to make recommendations for your protocol. We currently have no vampires on staff, so you are safe.

Hmmmmmm. Depends on your pain threshold. For women, likely not. They generally have a higher pain threshold as they have to deal with men all the time. 

You bet we do. We love our furry friends as well, so we have selected the best supplements for them to live their best life possible.


You subscribe for a bespoke solution, you receive a blood test, we wait for the results, once we have the results, our Naturopathic Doctors and Certified Holistic Nutritionists will review your results and make recommendations. You will then meet with one of our Medical consultants via video chat to discuss your custom protocol. The $150 deposit gets applied to your first order total and you only have to pay the difference. Thereafter, your subscription renews monthly and you get a new box before the beginning of each subscription cycle to keep you happy and healthy.

We really recommend you take your sachets every day which is why we’ve made it so easy for you! Taking your supplements every day ensures you’re taking the right dosage which will help yield the best results for your health.

Wellness is a lifelong journey, but we understand that life also happens and that you may need to pause this part of your journey for a bit.

Subscriptions are designed to continue monthly until you decide otherwise. We recommend that you contact our Concierge Team, so that we can update our Medical consultants to ensure you are provided with the best options.

Unfortunately, we don’t accept returns because of health and safety reasons. Our regulatory team takes the quality of our chosen professional-grade products and the safety of our clients to the highest of standards. If you want to return a box, we will ask you to simply dispose of it. You can also get in touch with us if you have any concerns about your order.

You just need to tell us, that’s it! We expect that things in life will change and that’s exactly why we created this bespoke solution that’s just for you! You can update any medications and supplements you take from your account settings or give us a call to let us know how your health goals have changed. We also retest your blood panel every 6 months to make sure that you’re on the right track to experience the better side of wellness.

Of course you can, but why would you?!? On average, it takes 3 months for your body to adjust to the awesome power of the supplements you are taking and for you to actually see and feel a change. Patience is the name of the game! But if for some reason you would like to cancel, feel free to contact our Santé Concierge Team to make sure this is also communicated to our Medical consultants so that there are no adverse effects or reactions to your health.

Absolutely! Santé Health Collection Supplement Protocols are not blood work specific so if you know your hubby or wife is struggling with sleep problems, go ahead and add the Sleep Collection to your order.

Like you, we at Santé enjoy our privacy. So, we understand that safeguarding your confidentiality and protecting your personal information is a primary concern. As such, we are HIPPA Compliant in all aspects when it comes to your information being kept safe.


Your order will arrive before the beginning of each subscription cycle. If you place a Santé Health Collection Supplement Protocols order, that takes on average 3-5 business days. For bespoke protocols, once your blood work results have been reviewed by our Health care team, we make the custom packs within 24 hours and ship your bespoke solution to you, which takes 3-5 business days.

The blood work kit will come with paid return postage and instructions on how and where to ship the kit back.

Yes! Your order should have a tracking number so that you know where it is in the shipment process. If you’re having trouble locating it, give our Santé Concierge Team a phone call and they’d be more than happy to assist.


We accept all credit cards, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Unfortunately we don’t! The good news is, many health spending accounts (HSA) will reimburse you for your supplements.

You know we have to. That’s one thing we couldn’t package in an elegant box.


Great question. Gets asked a lot. We have a great team that has a passion for wellness and we genuinely want you to live a healthier and happier life.

Blue. Sometimes red, depending upon the mood.

Nope. Generally we will ship to anywhere personal importation regulations for supplements are accepted.