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Vitamin D - The sunshine vitamin

Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin

Aug. 9, 2021

There are so many vitamins and minerals humans need to maintain optimum health and wellness, and most of them our bodies cannot create. Unless we eat a perfectly healthy, balanced and varied diet, we are just not getting the valuable nutrients we need, so it’s crucial we take supplements.

In steps Vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin. This is a truly unique vitamin (well, really, it’s a prohormone, but let’s not get too technical), and our bodies can produce it – bonus!

It’s created through a complex process, in our bodies biggest organ, the skin, and only as a direct result of exposure to sunlight. The sun’s ultraviolet rays reach cholesterol found in skin cells and in turn, provide the vital energy needed for vitamin D synthesis to occur.

How Important is Vitamin D?


Well, like most nutrients our bodies need
in order to thrive, it’s extremely important.
Some of its most vital roles are regulating
the absorption of calcium
and facilitating
optimal immune system function.

Getting enough of this power-house
nutrient assists with the following:

  • Bone and teeth growth
  • Heightened resistance against disease (including cancer)
  • Optimal lung-function support
  • Insulin level regulation and diabetes management
Vitamin D - The Sunshine Vitamin

How Do We Get Enough Vitamin D?

Not all of us are fortunate to live in places with all-year-round sunshine or are we able to spend weeks holidaying along the coast of Spain. On top of this, we have found ourselves stuck indoors for the last year due to the global pandemic – making it all that much harder to catch the healthy rays of sunshine our bodies need. 

Sun shining through your living room window (now also your home office) doesn’t help either, as UV rays cannot penetrate the glass. 

Another factor to consider is climate change. Yes, it influences so many aspects of our daily lives, including Vitamin D absorption! Extreme changes in global weather mean we need to adapt to increasing temperatures and hot spells, which result in increased UVR (ultraviolet radiation) exposure.

Shining the Light on Supplements

OK, so now you know you need it – how do you get it, and in the right amount? Always keep putting in the good stuff through your diet but remember it’s often not enough. Ingredients high in Vitamin Dare: meat and fish (mackerel & salmon), eggs, fortified cereals and Vitamin D-enriched dairy products, so make sure these are on your shopping list.

To avoid ‘D-ficiency’ you need to harness the power of personalized
supplementation, which is where Santé bespoke comes in – allowing you
to get the perfect amount of nutrients your body is calling out for. It’s not just about surviving, but about thriving, and knowing what building blocks you need to get there.

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